Inspiring Minds

I have been reading blogs, and commenting on them, for many years, long before I started my own. Some that I used to read I’ve lost track of; I wish I knew what happened to the writers but either I can’t recall the URLs or they’re now defunct.

Others I’ve stuck with, or discovered more recently. I’ve even struck up online friendships with a few of these lovely souls via blog comments, Facebook, and/or email.

I know there are hundreds upon thousands of blogs I’ll never get to, wonderful writers I’ll never read, but I’m happy with the little corner of the net that I have managed to discover, and I do my best to keep up with the handful that have truly made their mark on me as the creative cooks, fitness enthusiasts, writers, and delightful people that they are.

I can’t remember exactly when I discovered Girl Heroes, or how, but Jenn’s blog quickly became one of my must-reads. I’ve been inspired by her awesome profiles of fit women (the “girl heroes”  to which her blog title refers), motivated and moved by the tale of her RKC certification weekend, and inspired to make my own water kefir after first reading about it from Jenn.

When I found out Jenn and her family (including two pugs and a cat) planned to spend a year or more touring the entire U.S. in their RV, I hoped it might mean a chance to meet her in person. I knew her family lived in Indiana, not that far, but I figured if she actually made it into Michigan, it might be even more likely that we could get together. And, lo and behold, last week we made it happen. I drove to their campsite near Kalamazoo and met Jenn, her husband, her two very kind, cute sons (both of whom happen to be willing and skilled photographers), and the aforementioned pets.

We ate outside by the little lake, but one of Jenn’s sons snapped a few pics for us in the adorable kitchen of their RV before I drove home.

It was great fun! We didn’t have long to visit, but we packed a lot into our time, from a kettlebell lesson (thanks for all the great tips, Jenn! They helped a ton.) to a lovely dinner and conversation. Jenn posted some pics and blogged a bit about our KB workout here. Thanks so much, again, for the warm hospitality, delicious food, and heartfelt friendship, Jenn!

There are several other awesome bloggers I would love to meet up with someday… although I won’t list them here, for fear of accidentally omitting someone! If I’ve ever commented on your blog, sent you an email, and/or wrote you a note on Facebook, please know that these next words are for you.

Even if I don’t get the chance to meet all of you fine folks in person, I want to take a moment now to thank each of you for the inspiration, the laughs, the informative lessons, and the occasional tears. Many of you inspired me to start a blog; every one of you inspires me to keep writing, to live life fully, and to strive to be a better person in myriad ways. Rock on, my awesome friends!

0 thoughts on “Inspiring Minds

  1. Thank you Tamara. It was so much fun meeting you in person. You were every bit as lovely as I imagined. I hope our paths cross again in the future! Xoxo

  2. Aw I love this! I totally agree – the internet has a funny way of bringing kindred souls together! So glad you and Jenn had fun! Maybe someday we’ll meet too:)

    • I would love to come to BLEND, Katie! It’s on my wish list! We’ll see how the cash flow pans out.😉 I was living vicariously through everyone’s updates this year and definitely hoping I could make the next one. Hugs squared, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Interesting how the internet world .. well the blogging world brings everyone together. Tamara, seems like you have a great consideration for others because you wonder what happen to those blogs you have read before.. definitely need more like you. Kudos =)

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