Post Haste

I never intend for two-plus weeks to go by without writing a post, but a few months into blogging, I suppose I’m still finding my groove. I also recently started training to be a part-time Weight Watchers receptionist as a little side gig. It’s going really well and I enjoy it so far; my co-workers are very nice and I especially like talking with the members.

However, I’ll admit that I am still sorting out how to make sure I can prep and plan all my meals, fit my workouts in, get enough rest, and spend plenty of quality time with my loved ones (well, there’s never enough time for that, is there?). So for now, I guess my writing is taking a bit of a back seat to those priorities.

I just wanted to pop in and give a little update. This weekend will feature lots of that aforementioned quality time, thank goodness! I’ll try to take some pics and will be sure to share some of my adventures next week. Meanwhile, since I’m here, I thought I’d share a few quick pics and links that have been making me happy lately.

Chia Banana Bread

We went to a lovely memorial service for our friends’ mom in Michigan City, Indiana, a few weekends ago. I wanted to take something to give them, so I made this chia banana bread that I saw on The Actor’s Diet. It was extremely tasty and will be my go-to banana bread recipe from now on. I tweaked Lynn’s version slightly, using Trader Joe’s organic white sugar instead of the NuNaturals Baking Blend and using two whole eggs in place of the egg whites. It was a hit and I’m thankful to say that my baking was better than my photography on this particular project.

Cinnamon Sugar “Donut” Muffins

[photo from Can You Stay for Dinner]


I also made these muffins from Andie’s blog the following weekend. These are keepers, too. So tasty and easy to make! Lately I’d rather have homemade treats once in a while (and time them judiciously so I can share them with others) than eat store-bought baked goods that have a laundry list of ingredients and really don’t taste very good.


A recent online conversation about self-acceptance, pursuit of physique goals, and the myth of perfection got me thinking about a Zen story I once read about an assistant who broke his master’s favorite cup while washing it. He was afraid to tell the master, but when he finally did, the master reassured him: “The cup was already broken.”

Whenever I find myself thinking about perfection (or, more importantly, lamenting its absence), whether relating to some perceived physical shortcoming, or to a relationship, or to my own inherent habits or characteristics, I often remember this story and take comfort in it.

I tried to find a version of the story online, to no avail. I did find some that were similar, but not exactly the one I recall reading all those years ago. One thing I did find, though, was this wonderful zenhabits piece about finding peace of mind. I love this site but forget about it sometimes, so I was happy my Googling led me to it today.

“See the glass as already broken,” writes Leo Babauta. I really love the idea of accepting things as imperfect from the outset. It’s quite liberating and can leave so much space for joy.


Well, that wasn’t quite as short and sweet as I’d intended, but I sure am happy I took the time to post it. Thanks, as always, for reading! And if you get a chance, please let me know what you think about the notion of seeing the glass as already broken.

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